Introducing the 2024 Alabama REALTORS® Foundation First-Time Scholarship Recipients

Introducing the 2024 Alabama REALTORS® Foundation First-Time Scholarship Recipients

Twenty-two Alabama students will benefit from scholarships awarded through the Alabama Association of REALTORS® Education Scholarship Fund, a branch of the Alabama REALTORS® Foundation. From the top of the state down to the Gulf Coast, students with clear academic and career goals were selected based on their academic performance, recommendations and essays submitted for review by Foundation Trustees. The trustees reviewed dozens of anonymous applications to select this year’s scholarship fund recipients.

During its third year, the Foundation awarded a record number of scholarships to children or grandchildren of active, licensed REALTOR® members in good standing. Of the students selected, 12 are first-time recipients and 10 are returning recipients. You can learn more about the Education Scholarship Fund eligibility and application criteria here. 

Let’s meet the students who are receiving the Foundation Education Scholarship for the first time:


Julia Bedingfield - Birmingham

“I’ve always aspired to be a teacher, especially for children with learning disabilities. Having faced similar challenges myself, I’m passionate about helping them realize their potential and achieve their dreams.”

Julia chose Montevallo because she appreciates the university’s close-knit community and feels it’s an ideal environment for her educational journey. She values the opportunity to be away from home and connect with people from diverse backgrounds, considering it one of the most enriching aspects of college life.

As a collaborative elementary education major, Julia is dedicated to becoming an elementary school teacher. She is driven by her love for teaching and her desire to inspire and support her students every day.

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Julia Bedingfield

Ann Malone Champagne - Florence

Ann Champagne (1)

“I’ve always enjoyed leading others, planning events, and managing my time well. Serving as class president and an officer in several academic clubs has honed these skills and fueled my passion for leadership.”

Annie has always known Auburn University is where she wants to be, believing it to be a place that will both challenge and comfort her. As she follows in the footsteps of four generations of her family who have attended Auburn, she feels a strong connection to the university. Annie is excited for the next step in her life journey, embracing dorm life, academic challenges, sporting events, and forming new friendships on the Plains.

Coming from a family with a strong sports background and having shadowed a college marketing and events manager, she is convinced that a career in sports event management is her ideal path.

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Addison Embry - Rogersville 

“I will be majoring in exercise science with the goal of becoming a physical therapist assistant. My interest in this field grew from my experience in high school sports and my job as a physical therapist tech.”

Addison’s background as a championship-caliber runner at Lauderdale County High inspired her to pursue a major in exercise science. She plans to complete her degree as a physical therapist assistant at Calhoun Community College. Interacting with several therapists and their assistants during her sports career, she saw their passion for their work, which solidified her choice in this field. However, Addison remains open to exploring different career paths, with her ultimate goal being to find success and fulfillment in whatever she chooses.

Addison chose the University of North Alabama to stay close to family and friends while gaining the independence of college life. She is eager to experience personal growth and embrace the challenges and opportunities that college will bring, feeling both excited and a bit nervous about this new chapter in her life.

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Addison Embry

Kendall Goodwin - Elberta

Kendall Goodwin

“I aspire to make a difference in the lives of children with limb differences like mine. I was born with amniotic band syndrome, which left me without my right forearm and hand. Through this, I met occupational therapists and found a passion in helping young people overcome daily obstacles.”

Kendall chose Auburn University after falling in love with the campus during a visit. While she hasn’t decided on a specific major yet, she believes her academic and future career path will become clear as she discovers her passions in college. She anticipates pursuing a major in science with an emphasis on an occupational therapy program.

The most important lesson Kendall learned in high school was to embrace new experiences, even if they’re uncomfortable. This lesson came firsthand when she transferred schools before her junior year and became a student assistant on the football team. This spirit of resilience and adaptability will guide her as she embarks on her journey at Auburn.

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Maggie Hale - Homewood

“I aspire to be a doctor or surgeon because I have been around so many family members and friends who have been impacted greatly by amazing doctors and surgeons.”

While Maggie is still considering her major, she plans to attend Auburn University to pursue pre-med courses, laying the groundwork for her future career aspirations. Drawn to Auburn by its strong sense of community, she eagerly anticipates forming new connections and immersing herself in the spirited atmosphere of sporting events on the Plains.

Reflecting on her high school journey, Maggie treasures the lesson learned in Advanced Placement courses – the shift from a mindset of obligation to one of genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

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Maggie Hale

Lukas Hislop - Huntsville

Lukas Hislop

“Before starting classes, I spent the summer working at a real estate law firm. This experience taught me about real estate law and the importance of connections. It solidified my interest in the field and in attending law school.”

Lukas has strategically combined the University of Alabama School of Law with the Culverhouse Business School, pursuing a double major in economics and finance, along with a minor in real estate, as a steppingstone to a future law degree. Prior to commencing classes, he gained valuable experience and built connections while working with a real estate law firm in Huntsville. Recognizing the significance of these experiences and connections, Lukas looks forward to his journey through business school and envisions a career in real estate law.

Lukas also expressed an interest in public policy, noting that while law school will be a daunting task,“preparing for a future career in advocacy fills me with a sense of excitement and anticipation.”

REALTOR® sponsor: Lore Hislop 


Kate McKone - Tuscaloosa

“I am confident that upon completion of my degree, I will be prepared to launch my career in commercial real estate and further expand my employment goals of starting my own real estate company.”

Kate's collegiate and professional trajectory was already set in motion before she graduated from high school. Raised in an environment where family members and friends found success after graduating from Auburn, Kate was particularly inspired by her father's journey. Observing his achievements with a degree from Auburn’s Harbert College of Business and a flourishing career in real estate ignited her own aspirations. Now, she is determined to follow in his footsteps by pursuing a finance degree from Harbert College, with the goal of gaining invaluable experience and knowledge in the real estate industry.

Kate's resolve to succeed is fortified by the unique challenges she faced as a high school student during the Covid-19 pandemic. These experiences taught her invaluable lessons in adaptability, resilience, and the importance of prioritizing what truly matters.

REALTOR® sponsor: Garrett McKone

Kate Headshot

Brenna Oxley - Madison

Brenna Oxley

“After graduation, I hope to pursue a master’s degree in business administration, alongside following my passion for real estate, having recently obtained my license.”

For Brenna, choosing Auburn University was a natural decision rooted in her lifelong admiration for the institution. “I've always been an Auburn fan,” she reminisced, “I actually knew all the fight songs before I knew the alphabet.” With a keen interest in business marketing and management, Brenna is pursuing a double major, fueled by her ambition to eventually earn a master’s degree and delve deeper into the realm of real estate.

Reflecting on her college experience, Brenna acknowledges the profound impact it has had on shaping her identity. Surrounded by friends who have taught her the importance of balance and perspective, she has learned to embrace life with a relaxed and open-minded approach, cherishing every moment.

REALTOR® sponsor: Barry Oxley


Sarah Elizabeth Reeves - Fairhope

“High school taught me invaluable lessons in being outgoing and managing my time effectively, skills that I'll carry into college to forge new friendships and maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

Sarah's decision to attend Troy University was influenced by a friend's recommendation to tour the campus, where she instantly felt at home in the small-town atmosphere. Her passion for psychology, sparked during her sophomore year of high school, was further fueled by the university's renowned psychology department. With aspirations to become a therapist, Sarah is motivated by her own experiences with therapy to provide support and guidance to troubled teens, offering them a safe haven during challenging times

Excited for the journey ahead, Sarah eagerly anticipates the challenges and rewards of college life, embracing the unknown and eagerly anticipating the opportunities it will bring.

REALTOR® sponsor: Terryl Reeves

Sarah Reeves (1)

Ariana Rice - Helena

Ariana Rice

“My ultimate goal is to become an anesthesiologist, driven by my desire to be a positive role model for my younger sister, Ava, and to offer guidance to those in need, inspired by my mother's unwavering determination and sacrifices.”

Ariana's decision to attend the University of South Alabama was guided by its reputation for interdisciplinary learning and research opportunities, aligning perfectly with her choice to major in biomedical science. Her passion for addressing healthcare disparities within the community fuels her pursuit of research experiences that will equip her with the knowledge and skills to develop innovative solutions to health issues. 

Committed to advocating for equitable access to healthcare, Ariana believes that college will provide invaluable connections and opportunities to broaden her perspective.

REALTOR® sponsor: Staci Lawrence


Sannad Sayegh - Auburn

“My ultimate career goal is to become a doctor and use my skills to help improve people’s health and well-being. I have a genuine desire to help others and make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Sannad's curiosity of the human body led him to pursue a major in biomedical sciences at Auburn University with a career goal of becoming a physician. He enjoys learning about the “tiny building blocks of life”—cells and molecules—and how they work together to keep us healthy or make us sick. 

Sannad is excited to learn new topics, meet lots of different people, and try out new things in college. Through his high school experience, Sannad has honed his skills in time management, task prioritization, and goal setting, vital qualities he sees as integral to his future success as a physician.

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Sannad Sayegh

William Downing Sweat - Fairhope

William Sweat

“Learning and studying real estate has always interested me, leading me to choose real estate law as my major. My ultimate goal is to open up my own real estate law firm.”

Following in the footsteps of his father and older brother, who both attended the University of Alabama, William felt a natural inclination to join them in Tuscaloosa. With his mother's role as the head broker for Wise Living in Orange Beach, William is inspired to pursue a major in real estate law.

He attributes his preparedness for college to the rigorous academic workload at Bayside Academy, which instilled in him a strong work ethic essential for success in higher education. Grateful for the support of his family, especially his brother, William looks forward to the transition to college, confident that his academic and personal journey will be enriched by their guidance and support.

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